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Dancefmlive.com was evolved and Established in 2009

prior to having this name of dancefmlive.com we was known as Hardcorefm.co.uk, an online radio station dedicated to only UK hardcore music to which we widely promoted a support platform for new, up and coming and DJ’s alike.

To date we have NO affiliation, or have ever had anything to do with the new owners of that name currently, & now used by its new users.

After the change of this new name to dancefmlive again prior we was going to be called Dream FM in 2010 which we did use for only just over a month but we got into a conflict with another user who said he owned it (The name Dream) but really he didn’t, It was used as a Pirate radio station name in London and had no proof in copyright that we could use this on the internet so..

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