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There’s a certain excitement that fills the air when, every Thursday night, just a few seconds short of 8.30pm, the first track of the night turns over and that magical ‘Mic Live’ light goes on. For the two hours that follow, a menagerie of high energy uplifting dance anthems, guest chat with some of the UK’s biggest and best European artists, news, updates and live mixes ensue and for that two hours, DJ, Producer and now legendary Radio Host, Mr Gee goes live to the thousands across the airwaves upon his ‘The Essential Vibe’ show on the Radio.

Having had been a consummate lover of the electronic dance music scene, for just over two decades, Mr Gee’s enthusiasm for music started in the late nineties, whereby his early efforts at following his dreams of becoming a DJ, would begin with playing records at and the organisation of School Disco’s and after School parties.

Always interested in combining his passion for both listening to music and performing, Mr Gee’s earliest efforts led to his construction of a School Radio Station and a regular slot there upon it. Moving forward, this would be a consistent effort that continued far beyond his School years.

Following, covering and performing at many events across the UK, Mr Gee became a regular follower and fan of such underground events as ‘HTID’, ‘Hardcore Heaven’, ‘Slammin Vinyl’, ‘Fusion’, ‘Secret Society’, ‘Total Barnage’, ‘Core Unity’ and ‘+12’ amongst others, which would cement his focus on upfront, hands in the air, vocal sounds that producers in those circuits provide amply for.

As a result, combining his talents for mixing, with his flair for live performance and broadcast radio, led to the set-up of Hardcorefm, an online radio station dedicated to both coverage of the scene and a widely promoted support platform for new, up and coming and breakthrough DJ’s alike.

The station, which evolved into quite the success with followers across the World tuning in around the clock to listen to shows, would later be re-branded to its current heading, DanceFMLive, allowing the station to widen its horizons to feature all styles of electronic music.

Having now established a platform that would be a certified one stop shop for mixes, updates, shows and video coverage of some of the UK’s biggest dance music events and Festivals, the next logical step for Mr Gee as an artist, would be to produce music.

Getting together with Sonic Vox (aka much loved writer, Producer and DJ Jamie Ritmen), Mr Gee produced the UK scene anthem ‘I’m Lovin’ You’, which went on to be sold and chart Worldwide via good digital retailers, which would then in turn lead on to the production of equally popular anthems such as ‘Rain’, ‘Cybercore’ and many more.

That inspired Mr Gee to set up his own digital retail outlet, that would coincide with his DanceFMLive stage that would then focus on seeing the hard work of new and up and coming producers to give them a shot at selling their work to a much larger platform and get noticed by DJ’s within the rave scene internationally.

In addition to this DanceFMLive events were launched, involving such legendary talent as Hardcore Underground’s Darwin and the aforementioned Jamie Ritmen, Mr Gee’s coalition with fellow breakthrough DJ and Producer Horizon within the local scene would see them team up on the first event (in association with Horizon’s ‘Activation’, with Mr Gee running the second event live across the airwaves from Bar 38 (Portsmouth) as a stand-alone club event on the South Coast.

All of this, stacked against his many fundraising efforts, performing at events UK wide and consistent work helping to push the development of new electronic music, led to a regular slot on 93.7 Express FM in Portsmouth, on the South Coast of the UK.

Every Saturday night, from 10pm, Mr Gee hosted an exciting mix of upfront anthems, news, reviews, competitions, giveaways, interviews and guest hosts and support that perform live to listeners in the thousands and that’s just in Portsmouth.

The show was also syndicated across platforms such as Mr Gee’s very own DanceFMLive server, the popular mobile application Tune In and various other internationally available platforms such as iTunes Radio, giving the show a more global audience.

The show underwent some impressive expansion and from July 2015, the broadcast extended to two hours after successful ratings and feedback from its listeners, and moved to an earlier time to cater to an even wider catchment and more so with the stations planned move to DAB, which allowed the show to be furthermore aired to an even bigger audience.

Fast forward to present day and Mr Gee has developed and further invested in the future of DanceFmLiveM and its expansion to a global audience, coupled with a desire to increase his talents in the bustling nightlife of the Northern club music scene, after his relocation to the North West of Blackpool, after a successful run on the South Coast for 22 years.

His plans are both exciting, and simple. More vibrant, energy fuelled, dance productions, single releases and remixes are on the cards, as well as taking the now feverishly popular ‘The Essential Vibe’ show on the road to clubs and events UK wide and of course, appearing upon the line-ups of as many club events as is possible, to bring vocal dance anthems delivered in his own exciting, vibrant and unique outgoing style to a packed dance floor near you very soon.


Contact Brian Mr Gee:
Cell: +44 7521 789 888
Home: +44 2392 006 259

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