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The Pressure:

Join SEBASTÍAN JAMES weekly on Dancefmlive for a hosted 2-hour live show called. The Pressure, which will feature a weekly Artists or Label spotlight, Upfront pressure, which is the newest releases in House Music from dance floors around the globe, JAMES’s number-one- track of the week, Massive Summer Anthems from Ibiza from current or summers past, a Chicago or NY Classic and of course the closing of the show will be a 40 minutes maxi mix where JAMES will just shut up and play some good old quality House Music.

Listen to the previous show: HERE 



SEBASTÍAN JAMES (AKA DJ JAM) grew up in Detroit during the 80s and 90s, which gave him a wonderfully broad musical history. Motown sounds were always playing in the background and during his teen years, the fabulous sound of late 70s and early 80s disco was always streaming over the airwaves. When he was at The University of Michigan in the early 90s he was introduced to that famous techno sound that was born out of Detroit. In 2000 JAMES moved to London where he lived for 8 years; this is where he was first introduced to the DJ booth. Around London Town the name SEBASTÍAN JAMES began to become a recognizable brand and a name club goers, promoters and DJs alike grew to respect. The name became synonyms with ‘Great House Music’ and fantastic nights out!

JAMES held residencies and played at some of London’s hottest music venues, including; Turnmills, Fabric, The End, Heaven, MOS, Cargo, The Embassy and The Yard Bar to name just a few. He worked along side some of the UK’s hottest producers and DJs and promoted a number of very successful nights including JAM Sessions at The Embassy which included live percussionist Joy Joseph and Brandy MC. JAMES also played on London’s premiere House Music radio station, PUSHFM for 4 years hosting his own weekly show, also called JAM Sessions, which focused on upfront new releases and Classic House Music from the Chicago and NYC era.

Returning to the USA in 2008, JAMES wanted to bring his unique underground London sound to the club goers on the Las Vegas Strip. Since arriving JAMES has continued to build his reputation as a top-notch House Music DJ. During the summer pool season you can find him turning up the heat at various pool parties around town. Or you can find him playing at any number of bars and nightclubs in and around the Las Vegas Strip.



Having had exposure to the wide array of musical genres London had on offer really broadened JAMES musical repertoire. That and his early influence from growing up in Detroit have heavily influenced his DJ library. JAMES’s sound is familiar to club goers; his style is unique, but has its roots in the sounds we all grew up with, including; Disco, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, R&B, Rock and even a bit of classical. JAMES has honed and refined his style over the years and has focused solely on a vibe, which keeps him rooted in Deep, Soulful, Funky, Percussive, Classic House Music.

1-3pm Las Vegas. | 4pm New York. | 9pm UK. |
10pm Germany | 11pm Moscow Russia. |
6am Monday Morning Australia. |
8am Monday Morning New Zealand.


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