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Hey guys!, I’ve been a mobile DJ/Entertainer for 26 years, I live in South Shore in Blackpool, I’m married and have five children to my wife and 3 from previous relationships.

I’m originally from Hull in East Yorkshire but lived in Blackpool on and off since 2012, made it permanent two and a half years ago.

I first got interested in DJ’ing when I was around 13 yrs old, my uncle was an old school mobile DJ and did pubs, schools, and venues locally in Hull. In his youth, he was a ‘Teddy Boy’ and really got involved in the Rock n Roll era and was performing for Rock n Roll clubs. I started off going with him to school discos then as I got older went to pubs gigging. I remember he had these big FAL turntables with built-in amplifier, speakers, rainbow screens, four flashers and boxes of records, tapes, and CD’S. As I got more confident I started using the mic to introduce songs and then learned how to cue records and eventually doing it myself.

As I got older I figured I wanted to do this on my own and the rest, as they say, is history!. I now have my own fully insured and PAT tested rig, a weekend pub residency, and a karaoke host at Ma Kelly’s. I recently got involved in radio presenting and enjoy broadcasting my passion for music, I love to ’80s, old Skool ’90s, Dance, Trance, R&B, and even Country music!

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