LIVE on Air DJ’s Wanted

Show Presenters

1, Romantic Love Radio Show DJ Wanted (To Be arranged)

2, Reggae Radio Show DJ Wanted (To Be arranged)

3, House Mix Radio Show DJ Wanted (To Be arranged)

4, UK Hardcore Radio Show DJ Wanted (To Be arranged)

5, Trance Mix Radio Host DJ Wanted (To Be arranged)


Have you ever wanted to be a radio presenter? Well now is your chance to get live on air! You must be an individual who loves talking to people, you must have a bubbly personality, Self-motivated, and a fast learner, you need the ability to work and plan your own shows using your own initiative You will need a good understanding of social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc). Dancefmlive is a Multi-Stream Dance music Network radio station broadcasting from Blackpool to worldwide countries. If you are aged 21 and over you can then apply, provided you have the Passion for Media and have good knowledge of how to use your own equipment

You must have your own set-up and be available to go LIVE

or you can send in a pre-recorded mix to be played on our station Weekly / Bi-Weekly, / Tri-weekly, / or monthly

There is also a small fee to broadcast on our servers of £5.00 Per week Billed Monthly by PayPal.

“Those Trolls out there may stick there nose up at this 😠 and “SAY” I don’t pay, I get it for free, Well… Here is what I say to them they are Pirate’s and don’t care about copyright or the artist that’s spent hours in the studio making the track on software that has cost thousands of pounds

They don’t get incentives included when you join dancefmlive, We are currently receiving between 550 – 660 thousand daily website visitor’s to our website daily, The content | Music that you play is covered with our PRS Licence to re-broadcast, we have been established for 10 years and already have a listener audience ready for your show when you go to others or set up a station yourself there is a cost-based upon that, Web-hosting / a broadcast licence a Web developer to build you a website and much more,

I’ve taken that pain out of the situation need i go on……

As long as your willing to put yourself out there post your show link up on all social media then you’re going to be just fine, So for the price of a coffee & a cake

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN JOINING the very best in dance music network LIVE From Blackpool

How to apply:

Send an email about yourself and why you think this position suits your need and what quality you can bring to dancefmlive

Contact us here by email and we’ll be in contact to arrange what you need to do next

Once you have submitted your CV Please be patient and we’ll be in contact with you shortly.

Types:  Permanent, or temporary




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